May 21, 2022
Melbourne Jazz Music Places

Top 5 Melbourne Jazz Music Places in 2022

The roaring ’20s have returned, which means jazz is due for a revival. Of course, jazz has never truly gone out of popularity in Melbourne, with a robust population of clubs dedicated to the city’s hepcats.

Whether you’re looking for a complete dinner performance or simply somewhere to unwind with a whisky and some Coltrane, these are the best Melbourne jazz music places to create unforgettable memories.

Best Melbourne Jazz Music Places

Paris Cat Jazz Bar

Paris Cat Bar, located behind Hardware Lane, is a must-visit for true jazz enthusiasts. With three shows each night on Fridays and Saturdays, this establishment is usually crowded with an eclectic mix of arty people (you’ll actually find beret-wearing, rollie-smoking jazz cats in here) and those passing through for a one-off performance. The tapas menu is delectable, and while the basement is ideal for intimate performances, the larger loft area is really lovely.

The Paris Cat, which features two band rooms connected by a lounge bar, has hosted some extremely talented international and local performers since its doors opened in 2006. The velvety walls are adorned with jazz greats, and the intimate ambiance sets the tone for easy listening. The Paris Cat is the type of establishment where a fur stole-wielding heiress smoking a cigarillo would be perfectly at ease.

The Botanical

While The Botanical is not a jazz club strictly speaking, the south-side cafe and bar hosts an excellent jazz night every Wednesday, when lounge-jazz quintet the Orlando Combo takes the stage for some bluesy numbers. You can consider this as one of the best Melbourne jazz music places for a more cultured midweek date or for a leisurely, melancholy glass of wine with friends while indulging in some auditory pleasures.

The Rooks Return

On Wednesday nights, visit to this hidden Brunswick Street treasure for cocktails, specialty brews, and a free jazz event. Settle in next to the cozy indoor stage where jazz hepcats perform. The Rookies go about their business. As the house jazz band for the Rooks Return, the Rookies have started a repertoire of ballads and uptempo bebop tunes, which are frequently augmented by special guest performers. The welcoming and casual setting is ideal for any individual interested in dabbling in jazz.

Jazz Room- Lido Cinemas

Every Friday and Saturday night, a chamber beneath one of Lido Cinemas’ screening rooms is transformed into a downtown jazz club, exhibiting some of the city’s best jazz as curated by the Uptown Jazz CafĂ© crew. At only $15 per ticket ($10 if you qualify for concessions), it’s a steal of a concession for music aficionados in a very unique heritage-filled setting. This Jazz room can hold up to forty people, which means it hosts for both touring and local musicians.


Melbourne is a place where swoon-worthy saxophone solos and sizzling rhythms drift from back alleys, basement bars and laneways. All these five spots are the top Melbourne jazz music places with lavish and refreshing drinks and delicious food.

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